Only a few stylist can really live up to the title of Multi Texture, Hair Cutting Master.

You recognize a master hair cutter's work when you see it. The look is either tight, sculpted and clean. Or longer, more fluid, with a defined line. The style always looks effortless to maintain. Ever notice how the person who’s “rockin” the master cutter's work is always smiling?

You know you're in the presence of a Multi Texture, Hair Cutting Master when they analyze and discuss the hair’s structure and texture, as well as the hair’s natural density, porosity and it's "over all" general health and condition - during the initial hair cutting consultation.

To watch a Multi Texture Hair Cutting Master in action is a treat. When the actual placement of the new style's design line happens - it's exciting to watch. They have to consider the client's face shape and body type when creating a new, personalized hair cut. They have to decide weather and where the hair will fall to complement, or diminish any key facial and body features.

But most important, a Master, Multi Texture Hair Cutter has got to have the experience to skillfully use the right hair design tools - to accomplish a specific finished look.

They are actually a holistic, fiber artist. They have to consider hair growth patterns, and texture control, along with life style challenges, and how they interact, in order to create the perfect hair cut and style for you.

Proper hair texture analysis and hair texture control is the foundation of every great hair cut.

In the past, standard multi-texture hair cut theory had us “spot” relaxing, and not going too short because we couldn’t get the edges to stay “laid down”. Now we know better.

When you understand the hair’s “Curl” Pattern, then you know the direction, elevation, and path that the hair shaft will go in, as the hair grows longer - and away from the scalp.

First, control the hair’s texture to support the desired cut. Then, select the right hair cutting tool for continued control of "loose" wave - to tightly coiled "Z" hair texture patterns.

The Natural Hair Patterns {Curl + Texture} 3 > 8 = Wavy Curly Frizzy and Z Coiled Hair.

Natural Hair Textures 3 - 8 Require:
Custom Hair Reconditioning Care + Modern Color Lifting Formulas + The Appropriate Texture Control Process + Specific Hair Cutting Tools + Texture Control Cutting Techniques.

Weather you’re an at home novice, or an experienced stylist, you’ll enjoy watching
The BWHC Multi Texture Masters' as they share advanced
Wavy Curly Frizzy and Z Coiled - International Hair Care Techniques.

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