We now know that there are only eight (8) distinguishable Hair Pattern Characteristics (World Wide). 

With the aid of modern technology, a team of International Scientists have now defined (included?) Global "Multi-Textured" hair types based on the specific characteristic and shape(s) of OUR beautiful wavy, curly, kinky - hair strands.

Channel BWHC Loves Technology! 
Because we know it was the new super powerful microscopes (Think MRI Scan), combined with new computer modeling technology, and digital imaging that allowed these scientist to "EXPAND" their (previous 18th Century?) scientific approach of measuring the features of human hair strands to include; Curve Diameter, Curl Index, the Number of Twists, and the Number of Waves.

The research resulted in the identification of eight distinct hair types worldwide.

1 = Completely Straight > 8 = Kinky Zig Zag Coil

It’s all about how each hair strand emerges from the scalp. It’s about the actual spherical dimension, and shape of each "individual" hair follicle. It’s the actual shape of the "hair follicle" (as the hair grows out from the scalp) that determines if our hair is "stick" straight, has deep waves, or tight helix coils - so compacted that the strands "zig zag" upon themselves. We can all have many different "shaped" hair follicles - throughout the entire scalp.

1 = Completely Straight > 8 = Kinky Zig Zag Coil
1 = Completely Straight to Slight Wave
2 = Loose S Shaped Curves No Coil
3 = Wavy Distinct S Shaped Curves Uniform Wave Pattern No Coil
4 = Defined, Mixed Curl Patterns w/ Loops Spirals Ringlets and Corkscrews
5 = Very Curly Defined Curl S Shapes That Form into Coils
6 = Coiled Loose Afro Medium Coils Close To The Scalp
7 = Very Coiled Tight Afro Distinct Springy Coils Tight To Scalp
8 =Zig Zag Coiled Extremely Tight Afro Interlocking Coils and Zig-Zag Patterns

On a scale of 1 - 8 (with 1 being straight and 8 the kinkiest) what is your hair "Z Coil" Pattern?

Next time you shampoo, analyze a few strands.

If your hair is relaxed (or bleached, or you use permanent hair color) analyze the "new growth" and mid shaft "Z Coil" patterns separately.

Density, porosity, “TEXTURE” and the Growth Pattern of the hair, is the foundation upon which all hair style and chemical process decisions should be based.

Understanding the hair’s natural color level (and how to control the predominant underlying hair color "pigment") is MAJOR when "lifting + depositing" any hair color. And on natural hair color levels 1 - 4 (+ chemically straightened hair) it takes specialized training (and desire) to become a True Master Stylist.

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